Submitting a Proposal


Brazos Press publishes books that creatively draw upon the riches of the Christian story to deepen our understanding of God's world and inspire faithful reflection and engagement. (Read more about our editorial vision .) Our authors represent a variety of backgrounds, traditions, and passions, and speak to the full range of issues that arise when we interact with our neighbors.

We welcome book proposals from scholars, church leaders, activists, artists, and writers who have something to say and can write with both skill and passion, demonstrating that serious writing can also be lively and compelling. We prefer to see a proposal before a manuscript is completed or submitted.

Strong book proposals will include the following:

  1. A concept statement. In 50 to 100 words, summarize the thesis of the book, the subject and scope of the book, who the audience is, and what benefits it will offer readers.

  2. Your passion for the book. In 50 to 100 words, tell us why you are passionate about the idea for your book, why your message is important, and how it will make a difference.

  3. Who the book is for. Explain who the audience is and why your book will communicate effectively to them.

  4. The length of the book. Estimate how many words the manuscript will be.

  5. Timeline. Estimate when a draft of the manuscript would be complete.

  6. A review of competing/similar books. What recent books are most similar to yours? List title, author, and publisher. In a couple sentences, explain how your book would be different.

  7. Biographical information. Identify your background and your credentials for writing on this topic, including education and experiences that enhance the writing of the book. Include channels where people learn about your work (e.g., newsletter, website, social media, publications) and their reach, if numbers are available.

Include what you bring to the table that can help sell the book, such as well-known people that you know who would endorse the book, mailing lists you have access to, regular conferences you speak at, organizations who would participate in promoting the book or buying copies in bulk, and the like.

  1. A table of contents and chapter-by-chapter summary. Provide a paragraph summarizing the content of each chapter, including your approach to each topic.

  2. A sample chapter or some writing samples at the same level and style for the same audience.

To SUBMIT: If you have been in previous contact with a Brazos Press editor, you may send your proposal to that editor. Otherwise, your proposal may be sent to:

We naturally prefer that you submit your proposal to us first. If you choose to submit it simultaneously to other publishers, please indicate as much. Once an acquisitions editor has a chance to review your proposal, we will aim to respond to you in a timely way.