Trust the Whisper

How Answering Quiet Callings Inspires Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Grace

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"If you are looking for a life inspired by grace and fueled by big dreams, Trust the Whisper is full of people who are doing just that. Follow the God Dots in these incredible true stories and you will be ready to make your own leap of faith."--Bob Goff, New York Times bestselling author of Love Does, Everybody Always, and Dream Big


God is at work every day of our lives.
But because this work is quieter than we expect, we so often dismiss it as coincidence or chance--if we notice it at all amid the noise of everyday life. What if we could clearly understand those divine whispers? What if listening to them is the beginning of living out our truest story and purpose?

In Trust the Whisper, Kathy Izard shares compelling true stories that help you connect the "God Dots" in your life. Sharing her own and others' experiences of moving from a place of doubt that a higher power even exists to being certain about the divine weave in the world, Kathy offers you the courage to recognize God's guidance in your own life. She helps you ask the right questions, trust your deepest intuition, be powerfully present, embrace the unexpected, and risk believing in the dreams God is quietly urging you to follow.


"The Bible recounts the dramatic story of the prophet Elijah who, exhausted from an intense time of struggle, lay down ready to quit. There in the quiet, he heard the whisper of God, not in wind and fire but in a still small voice. So in the stories of this book Kathy Izard reminds us that it may be not in great assemblies but quiet inner moments that we find clarity in our callings, and we find strength in the company of others who also hear God's whispers."

Leighton Ford, founding president of Leighton Ford Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Through winsome storytelling and exquisite truth-telling, Kathy has written a book that is tender, poignant, and profound. As I read the stories included in this book, I began to see the golden thread of God's whispers woven throughout my own story. God breaks our hearts for different things and whispers a unique message to each of us. This book will tune your ears to hear God's whisper in your own life--the stories that God has written just for you that ultimately tell the Greatest Story of God's loving rescue. Join me in accepting Kathy's exciting invitation to begin 'trusting the whisper.'"

Nicole Zasowski, marriage and family therapist and author of What If It's Wonderful?

"In a world screaming 'Trust your gut' and 'Follow your passion,' we're often left second-guessing ourselves: 'Am I on the right path or missing out on the thing I'm called to do? Do I even have a purpose?' With quiet gentleness, Kathy Izard gives us a front row seat to the stories of people just like us who've trusted the nudges and whispers enough to step out and discover a purpose and passion greater than they are. In Trust the Whisper, Kathy helps us believe there is a whisper for each of us, we can and do hear it, and we can trust it when it comes along. The reminder is one I constantly need, and one anyone wondering 'Is that God or is that me?' needs too."

Niki Hardy, author of Breathe Again and One Minute Prayers for Women with Cancer

"This book is a gift! Kathy Izard is a wise and gentle guide in the journey of listening for the still, small voice in our everyday lives. She shares inspiring stories of people who learned to trust this whisper, and how we can each do the same as we make decisions about where to spend our time, energy, and resources. In particular, this book powerfully demonstrates how, together, we can connect the God Dots to help heal our broken world. We all need to hear this message, and I am grateful for the author's leadership and vision."

Kate H. Rademacher, author of Reclaiming Rest

"It matters not our age; we all long to live a life of purpose and find meaning in our ordinary days. Through the remarkable stories Kathy Izard shares, both of her own life and of those whom she has divinely encountered, you'll begin to see that purpose and meaning truly are all around us. We need only to begin listening and paying attention. As you travel chapter by chapter, you'll be captured by the connecting dots between people, stories, and purpose. And before you know it, with Kathy by your side, you'll begin connecting your own God Dots. I'm certain this book will not only help you trust the whisper but find the courage to act upon it."

Trina McNeilly, author of Unclutter Your Soul and La La Lovely

"In Trust the Whisper, Kathy Izard reminds us to listen to that inner voice--that whisper from God--to follow his lead and walk the path he's laid out for us, however hard, however difficult. He's always there, holding our hand, ushering us to the life we deserve, even if it looks different than we ever expected."

Kara Lawler, author of God, Right Here and Everywhere Holy

"Through captivating storytelling and insightful wisdom, Kathy takes readers on a transformative journey, encouraging them to trust in the gentle whispers of God. Looking back on my journey and love for art, I had no idea that Kathy's faithfulness in reaching out to Ron Hall and Denver Moore (Same Kind of Different as Me) would intersect my path, making an impact that would change the trajectory of my life. I believe God is always creating divine connections and encounters in our lives for a higher purpose. When we tune out the noise of the world and truly surrender to trusting the whisper, we will see that God is at work, all the time, connecting the God Dots in our lives. Trust the Whisper beautifully captures the essence of faith and inspiration present in our day-to-day by having eyes to see and a heart that knows: with God, there are no coincidences."

Anne Neilson, artist, author, and gallery owner of Anne Neilson Fine Art

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  1. Kathy Izard
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    Kathy Izard

    Kathy Izard is an award-winning author, a national speaker and retreat leader, and an advocate for housing and mental health services in Charlotte, North Carolina. She co-led the citywide effort to build Moore Place, Charlotte's first permanent, supportive...

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